Once upon a time, ….?

I was a shy little Asian, seriously, who entered the first year at York! But it was not for long, since I’ve had the opportunity to partially work at the RED Zone in summer of 2012 and 2013. 

Now I am going to my fourth year in Human Resources Managements. Time flies!  I have enjoyed all my years at York.  Every year has its special memories and learning moments.  Yet, I look forward for more exciting precious memories in my last year.  

My special powers

- Creativity

- Ability to side-braid my hair in less than 2 minutes.  Clearly, as you can see. 


- Ability to do all artsy-craftsy stuffs  


And many more…

My stories - Your Stories - THEIR stories 

Back in my first year at York, I think I was lucky enough to able to navigate my way around the huge campus.  I hope I will able to transfer some of my exciting memories and experiences to the first year students, such as:

Volunteer/ Coordinator/ Core Events Ambassador at York is U since 2011

I have joined York is U since my first day on campus.  This student organization has always held the special place in my heart, in which I am confident call it home.  I have gained most of my leadership skills through the challenging works at York is U. 

(Part-time) RSA in summer 2012 and 2013

Working at the kiosk in two summers, I have a chance to interact with students and staffs at the front-line service.  Therefore, I was mindful of the power of meaningfully conversations.

Graduated from LeaderShape Institute 2013 

After attending the six intensive days, it opens my vision about leading with integrity, and meet numerous of new friends on campus! 

Orientation Boss with New College 2013

It was one of the extraordinary experiences throughout three years at York.  I was assisting and helping first year students during their first seven days at YorkU.   

CCSL 2014 (Canadian Conference on Student Leader 2014)

My point of view about professional student affairs has changed as I was introduced to more possibilities of changes.  I think it would be an assist for me to be success in the role of a RSA.  


Your future RSA!

When a student first comes to Keele campus, they will probably feel overwhelmed by the openness of landscape and infrastructure at York.  They will get lost, confused and frustrated.  And then, here come the RSA (RED Zone’s Ambassadors). As one of the RSA I hope to create a meaningful connection between prospective students, staffs and YorkU overall.  Making the RED Zone becomes more visible to the students, so that they will remember to find us when you need!  Being a centralize of information while enforcing the sense of connectedness will be my main focus of working at the REDZone. 

Some of the ideas what I would like to implement for the possible future of REDZone at the kiosk:

- Events calendar display at the kiosk. 

- Campus tour

- Create inclusive welcome kiosk in which more friendly and approachable appealing for all students 


What do I do when I am off from my Ambassador’s duties?

I help others students as a student!  Sometime, I bump into a loss student who wanders around on campus having no idea where he/she is heading to.  Using what I’ve been trained (and also every good at), I help them to navigate their way around campus. *Never off-duties, ever* 

"Leadership has a harder job to do than just choose sides.  It must bring sides together." - Jesse Jackson 


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Some people think that gift cards are crappy gifts. But they are not, they are awesome. I’ll take a gift card any day of the week. Here are some gift cards any student will love.

  • Coffee


I prefer Starbucks and Second Cup but apparently some people also like Tim Hortons. Let’s face it, a…

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Study, study, study! [Via Pinterest]


Study, study, study!

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This the first of 2 sets of dynamic warm-up routines used by our very own Running Relief. If you haven’t been able to make it out and join them yet, here’s how you can do these at home on your own =)


Check out relaxingrecords on Youtube!


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Lion SpiritIn the realm of spirit animals, the lion wins the prize for most relentless fighter in the face of life challenges. The lion spirit animal represents courage, strength in overcoming difficulties. 

Suppose the YorkU’s mascot is the Lion for a reason. As an University, we do have spirit. We are strong together and proud of the school where we study at. 


Due to the nature of our school, lack of connection between students and YorkU community occurs as the result of constantly commuting among the student population. That is the reason why some students don’t recognize the significance of celebrating and enhancing York Spirit. This RED & WHITE day will be the perfect chance to gather and celebrate York Spirit. 

How to show your Lion’s spirit and get involved?

York Spirit varies, it depends on the level of your emotional support and how proud you are to be a York student.

Joining the celebration of RED & WHITE day, showing your York Spirit by simply wearing the school’s colour which is Red or White, and any York-related gears, you will represent the school and show your support.

Also, you can sign up to become of the Spirit Rally Ambassadors and lead of team of enthusiastic volunteers on the date of the event. Sign up here

What will you get out of it? 


Countlessssss free giveaway. Shall I list it for you? Highlighters, USBs, scarf, umbrella, etc.  

Seeing all the mascots!! (You don’t usually see them on the regular basis)

Cheerleaders. Yes, like in highschool, we do have cheerleaders. 

Just, why don’t you check it out on November 27th, at 12:00PM, Student Centre?

You’re all invited :) 


- Ariel Phan - 


My experience with YorkU Intramurals has juuuuuust started and I have to tell you »> I’m loving it. Over the summer I played slo-pitch and played in the September tournament. Last night was my first volleyball game (Vanier - Birthday Sets - tier 2).


And tonight my friends … yes ALLLLLLL…